World Mission

What does World Mission mean to Bretton Baptist Church?

We think that World Mission is about showing God's love to the whole world (a including Peterborough and the rest of the UK!) and bringing people across the world (including the UK) to a place where they can enter into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

As a result there are three strands to World Mission:

1) Spiritual Development;
2) Physical Development;
3) Emotional Development.

This can all be summed up by the word shalom: God's peace and wholeness.

Who do we support?

As a church we provide regular financial support for a range or charities in Peterborough, the UK and throughout the world. Many of our members support local charities by giving their time and we have a number of members who work for Christian charities based in Peterborough. The charities we are connected with include the following:

Charities with a focus on Peterborough

The CROPS Trust

Peterborough Street Pastors Scheme

Peterborough Foodbank

Peterborough CAP Centre (Open Door Trust)

Charities with a national focus

EMBA Home Mission

Hope into Action

Hope Together

Gideons International

Prison Fellowship

Charities with an international focus

BMS World Mission

Hope for Justice

The Leprosy Mission

Open Doors UK

Operation Mobilisation


Tyndale House


How can I get involved?


Our missions board changes every month to highlight the work of a different charity.  This is a great starting point to find out more about different aspects of God's work, whether you want to pray more effectively or volunteer your services. 

More information about the different charities can be found by following the above links  to their homepage but ask any member of staff and they will be able to point you in the direction of someone who can tell you more.