Encountering the Gospel's Power

What would it be like to live as a Christian in first-century Rome? You would be in the capital city of a world empire. The greatest sports, culture, arts and politics are centered in your city. You can hear a dozen different languages on your streets and there are religions of all sorts vying for your attention. The staterules your life and the Emperor deems himself to be a god, worthy of worship. You heard about Christianity from a friend who was present at an incredible event thirteen hundred miles away in Jerusalem when a room shook, fire appeared, people spoke in different tongues and everyone talked about a martyr named Jesus who had died a criminal and then come back to life. The change in your friend had been remarkable and you had gone along when this new religion, but what had you committed yourself to? What was this new faith? A letter from a man called Paul, who calls himself a servant of this martyr Jesus, offers some answers.

Throughout history God has used the book of Romans to transform the lives of countless millions of people. In 2014 we are going to allow these words to speak to us again, for Paul writes that the gospel "is the power of God for the salvation of all who believe". In recent months we have set a mission agenda that enables us to "Know and make known God's love to Bretton, Peterborough and beyond". In Romans, Paul, encourages us to have confidence in the gospel as he explains why salvation is needed, how salvation was gained and how salvation impacts every area of our life and our world. So join us as we encounter the gospel's power.

January 5th

Gospel Power - Romans 1:1-17

David Whitlock

January 12th

A Downward Spiral - Romans 1:18-32

David Whitlock

January 19th

God's Fairness - Romans 2:1-16

David Whitlock

February 2nd

Misplaced Confidence - Romans 2:17 - 3:20

Ian McDonald

February 9th

Amazing Grace - Romans 3:21 - 4:25

David Whitlock

February 16th

Peace With God - Romans 5:1 - 6:23

David Whitlock

March 2nd

Battling Sin - Romans 7:1-25

Ian McDonald

March 9th

Life Through God's Spirit - Romans 8:1-17

Ray Markham

March 16th

Present Pain Future Glory - Romans 8:18-39

David Whitlock

March 30th

Understanding God's Purposes - Romans 9:1-10:21

David Whitlock

May 11th

A Celebration of Baptism - Romans 6:1-10

David Whitlock

May 18th

My heart's desire - Romans 9:1-10:21

David Whitlock

June 1st

Therefore..! - Romans 12:1-8

Ian McDonald

June 8th

Re-igniting your passion - Romans 12:9-21

David Whitlock

June 15th

Wearing the right clothes - Romans 13:1-14

David Whitlock

June 29th

Living for the Lord - Romans 14

Rick Lee

July 13th

Do not please yourselves - Romans 15:1-3

Ed Walker

July 20th

Paul: a man with a mission - Romans 15:14-16:27

David Whitlock

Due to an ongoing technical issue there are no recordings for  'Do not please yourselves' or 'Paul: a man with a mission'.
 Encountering the Gospel's Power 
Encountering the Gospel's Power: Living for the Lord in Community, Together (download)
Rick Lee, 29/06/2014
Encountering the Gospel's Power: Wearing the Right Clothes (download)
David Whitlock, 15/06/2014
Encountering the Gospel's Power: God's Fairness (download)
David Whitlock, 19/01/2014
Encountering the Gospel's Power - Re-igniting your Passion (download)
David Whitlock, 08/06/2014
Encountering the Gospel's Power: My Heart's Desire (download)
David Whitlock, 18/05/2014
Encountering the Gospel's Power: A Celebration of Baptism (download)
David Whitlock, 11/05/2014
Encountering the Gospel's Power: Understanding God's Purposes (download)
David Whitlock, 30/03/2014
Encountering the Gospel's Power: Therefore..! (download)
Ian McDonald, 01/06/2014
Encountering the Gospel's Power: Misplaced Confidence (download)
Ian McDonald, 02/02/2014
Encountering The Gospel's Power - A Downward Spiral (download)
David Whitlock, 12/01/2014
Encountering the Gospel's Power: Gospel Power (download)
David Whitlock, 05/01/2014