A practical guide to keeping the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20) in the 21st Century.

Listed below is the listening order:

Living the commandments Exodus:20:17
Discovering contentment Exodus:20:17
Remaining honest Exodus:20:16
Prosperity with integrity Exodus:20:15
Maintaining healthy relationships Exodus:20:14
Keeping the peace Exodus:20:13
Living with our past Exodus:20:12
Life balance Exodus:20:8-11
Maintaining respect Exodus:20:7
Living in freedom Exodus:20:4-6
Staying Focused Exodus:20:3
Ten@Work - Staying Focused (download)
David Whitlock, 03/03/2013
Ten@Work: Living in Freedom - Exodus 20:4-6 (download)
David Whitlock, 17/02/2013
Ten@Work - Maintaining Respect (download)
David Whitlock, 03/02/2013
Ten@Work: Life Balance - Exodus 20:8-11 (download)
David Whitlock, 27/01/2013
Ten@Work: Living with our past - Exodus 20:12 (download)
David Whitlock, 20/01/2013
Ten@Work: Keeping the Peace - Exodus 20:13 (download)
David Whitlock, 13/01/2013
TEN@Work: Maintaining Healthy Relationships (download)
David Whitlock, 18/11/2012
TEN@Work: Prospering with Integrity (download)
David Whitlock, 11/11/2012
TEN@Work: Remaining Honest (download)
David Whitlock, 04/11/2012
Ten@Work – Discovering Contentment (download)
David Whitlock, 14/10/2012
Ten@Work – Living the Commandments (download)
David Whitlock, 07/10/2012