Faith in Action

Lessons from Luke

Summer 2015: stories from Luke's gospel.

Date Verse Time Speaker Title
July 5 Matthew 18:12 9.00am &
Phil Timson Nothing is impossible for God
July 12 Luke 7:1-10 9.00am &
Alan Hill Great Faith
July 19 Luke 8:22-25 9.00am &
David Hodges Where is your Faith?
includes communion
July 26 Luke 8:40-56 9.00am
Ed Walker
Anne Lee
Faith that Healed
Holiday club launch
August 2 Luke 14:15-24 9.00am
Pete Lummis
David Morton
The Great Banquet
August 9 Luke 19:1-10 9.00am
David Whitlock
David Morton
Jesus and Zecchaeus
August 16 Luke 22:7-23 9.00am
David Whitlock
David Morton
The Last Supper
includes communion
August 23 Luke 17:11-19 9.00am &
David Whitlock He Came Back
August 30 Luke 18:23-42 9.00am &
David Whitlock Persistence Pays
September 6 Luke 24:13-25 9.00am &
Phil Timson The road to Emmaus
  • Due to a technical fault, there is no recording for Great Faith
The road to Emmaus (download)
Phil Timson, 06/09/2015
The man who came back (download)
David Whitlock, 23/08/2015
The Last Supper (download)
David Whitlock, 16/08/2015
Jesus and Zacchaeus (download)
David Whitlock, 09/08/2015
The Great Banquet (download)
Pete Lummis, 02/08/2015
Faith that Healed (download)
Ed Walker, 26/07/2015
Where is your faith? (download)
David Hodges, 19/07/2015
Nothing is impossible for God (download)
Phil Timson, 05/07/2015