The Supremacy of Christ

At some time in our Christian life, we are all tempted to ask, ‘What’s the point?’  We  are diligent and faithful in our commitment but constantly face trials and testing, sometimes painfully so.  That’s how the original readers of Hebrews must have felt.  It was all just too hard.  There was a real temptation to turn away, stop following and give up.
We have all been there.  The author of the letter to the Hebrews encourages us to stay on track by keeping our eyes firmly fixed on Jesus and to never quit.  He reveals Jesus’s supremacy in all things and reminds us that, by His power, we will win through.
Whatever trials you may be facing, these studies will help you see Jesus as He really is, perhaps more clearly than you have ever seen Him before.  They will give you the encouragement to stay strong and to grow through your struggles, with a new level of confidence and maturity in Him.

Title and suggested listening order
1. Introduction to the book of Hebrews - Video link
2. The Majestic Christ
3. Christ Above All
4. The Danger of Drifting
5. But We See Jesus
6. Beware of the Hard Heart
7. Rest for the people of God
8. Confidence in God's Presence
9. Hope Anchored in Heaven

Hope anchored in heaven (download)
David Whitlock, 22/11/2015
Confidence in God's presence (download)
David Whitlock, 08/11/2015
Rest for the people of God (download)
Ray Markham, 01/11/2015
Beware of the hard heart (download)
David Whitlock, 25/10/2015
But we see Jesus (download)
David Whitlock, 18/10/2015
The Danger of Drifting (download)
Pete Lummis, 11/10/2015
Christ above all (download)
David Whitlock, 04/10/2015
The Majestic Christ (download)
David Whitlock, 20/09/2015