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The Gospel of Luke, the longest book in the New Testament, is actually a letter. Although addressed to "the most excellent Theophilus", possibly a nobleman at the time that Luke was writing, this is a book for everyone.

The Gospel of Luke is full of stories of ordinary people who met an extraordinary Jesus and had their lives changed. It tells tales of people healed in mind, body and soul, of people finding peace and rest where there was none and of people released from the bonds that held them.

The book of Luke is a biography, carefully researched and presented to show us the character and purpose of a SOTER, which translates into English as healer and/or saviour. In Greek, there is only one word for the two english words save and heal, SOZO, and as he unpacks Jesus' life and minishtry, Luke makes the case that Jesus is both our healer and our saviour.

Over the spring period and up to the summer holidays, we will be looking at how this SOTER brought both healing and salvation to people's lives and how Jesus is not just for then but for today. We'll also see how healing and salvation are one and the same and how the words and commands of Jesus are written to build us up as we, in turn, go out into the world to be those very things to all creation.

You will find the recordings for this sermon series below. You can open them to listen now or download them for later.

Reflections on Luke: community matters (download)
David Morton, 08/10/2017
Do not worry (download)
Ian McDonald, 23/07/2017
You fool! (download)
Ian McDonald, 16/07/2017
The sign of Jonah (download)
Rick Lee, 02/07/2017
Teach us to pray (download)
David Whitlock, 25/06/2017
Fist things first (download)
David Whitlock, 18/06/2017
Who is the least among you? (download)
Ian McDonald, 21/05/2017
The glory of God (download)
David Whitlock, 14/05/2017
On the road (download)
Ian McDonald, 23/04/2017
Palm Sunday - in the capital (download)
David Whitlock, 09/04/2017
This is my Son (download)
Pete Lummis, 02/04/2017
Watch one, do one, teach one (download)
Ed Walker, 26/03/2017
Soter of mind, body and soul (download)
Rick Lee, 19/03/2017
Your sins are forgiven (download)
Ian Mc Donald, 12/03/2017
Fasting and Feasting (download)
Ray Markham, 05/03/2017
We all have a story (download)
Nigel Taylor, 26/02/2017
Sermon on the Plain (download)
Andrew Goodman, 19/02/2017
Lord of the Sabbath (download)
Pete Lummis, 12/02/2017
Because you said so (download)
Ian McDonald, 05/02/2017
He said it, it happened (download)
David Whitlock, 29/01/2017