Understanding Paul 

Ray Markham presents a new series of studies to help you gain a better understanding of the teachings of the apostle Paul and apply them to life today.
Rather than studying Paul’s epistles in isolation, Ray will be looking at the major themes which occur across his letters, giving us a coherent and comprehensive understanding of Paul’s complete teaching on these subjects.  These themes are: Being an Apostle; Jesus Christ; the Way of Salvation; God in Our Lives; Living the Christian Life; the Church; the Holy Spirit; the End Times.
The series begins with a fresh look at Paul’s life and letters (where, when and why he wrote them, with an outline of their contents), and some of the people he met. The sessions run from 6.30-8pm on the following dates:
1     8 October 2017 From Persecutor to Missionary
2 12 November 2017 Journeys, Letters and Imprisonments
3 14 January 2018 Paul's People
4 11 February 2018 Being an Apostle (No recording available)
5 11 March 2018 Jesus Christ
6 15 April 2018 The Way of Salvation
7 13 May 2018 God in our lives
8 14 October 2018 Living the Christian Life part 1
9 11 November 2018 Living the Christian Life part 2